Monday, July 9, 2012

"Acknowledging the Present" mixtape

Artist: Oracle
Title: "Acknowledging the Present"

1. Intro
2. Follow Me feat. Kevlar
3. More
4. Spirit & Truth
5. Socialized
6. CNN feat. Jabbok
7. Now
8. Examine Yourself
9. Day-Shift feat. City
10. Sadducees & Pharisees
11. Still Standing feat. Prodigal
12. Pastime
13. No Promises feat. Cash
14. Today feat. Positive High
15. Current Events
16. Rise & Shine feat. D.O.C.
17. Outro
[Bonus Track]
18. More (RMX) feat. Sharp Skills & Chi

Beats by: Tony Stone
Hosted by: DJ Duce 4

Friday, September 16, 2011

"Forgetting the Past" mixtape

Artist: Oracle
Title: "Forgetting the Past"

1. Intro
2. Amnesia
3. Nothing New feat. Advocate
4. Regrets
5. Can't Boast
6. Been Searching feat. J Lee
7. True Story
8. Déjà vu feat. Heaven's Ad-lib
9. Louder than Words
10. The Verdict feat. Porcheezi
11. In the West feat. Cash
12. All Things feat. Don Christi'on
13. Passing Away
14. CE Anthem feat. Y.D. 
15. Alpha & Omega feat. Belief
16. Hate vs. Hate
17. In Spite feat. Y.D.
18. Catch Your Vapor
19. Flashback 
[Bonus Track]
20. Body Life (Cypher) feat. Braille, City, CenterPeace, Heaven's Ad-lib, Asa, Cash, & Concrete Evangelists

Beats by: Genuine Life Productions
Hosted by: Don Christi'on

"Remembering the Future" mixtape

Artist: Oracle
Title: "Remembering the Future"

1. Intro
2. Game Time
3. Duck Down
4. Hit the Road feat. Jabbok
5. Memories
6. Let the Beat Talk feat. Brutha War
7. Duce 4 Speeaks (Interlude)
8. Your Rain feat. Chi
9. Be Easy
10. You Got Me
11. Remembering the Future feat. Y.D.
12. Batter Up
13. The Truth (Interlude)
14. Lights, Camera, Action feat. VellVett
15. March
16. Tight Situation 2.0 feat. Y.D.
17. Back & Forth feat. City
18. Out the Box
19. Who U R
20. Get Money
21. Shout-Outs (Interlude)
22. Gospel Affiliated feat. Real Recognize Real
23. When the Sky Cracks
24. Goodbye Greeting
25. Back for the 1st Time feat. Speedy Gunz
[Hidden Track] 
30. Beat Talk (RMX) feat. Chi, VellVett & Jabbok

Beats by: Speedy Gunz
Hosted by: DJ Duce 4

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Artist Roster

Concrete Evangelists:

In 2001, a group of youth came together under the call of ministering to young people through the avenue of Gospel hip-hop music. At the time, it was a losing battle since hip-hop music was viewed as “secular,” “worldly” and an indulgence for the youth culture who were simply adapting something from the world for the church. Nonetheless, God had a plan set out for them and has been more than faithful in fulfilling that which He has started (Philippians 1:6).

Fast forward to the present and, by the grace of God, Concrete Evangelists have been honored spread the Gospel through hip-hop music at various locations and venues region-wide. Preliminary releases include the "Him We Preach" EP in 2003 and "The Prelude" in 2007. Concrete Evangelists are now in the processes of completing their debut full-length album “Reconstruction” through the medium of Crete Recordings.


or·a·cle (ôr'ə-kəl, ŏr'-) n. 1. a divine communication or revelation. 2. any person or thing serving as an agency of divine communication. 3. oracles, the Scriptures; a command or revelation from God...... The goal and mission of Doug Gaither, aka Oracle, is to do just that: speak and live out the Word of God (1 Peter 4:11). Oracle is also a member of Concrete Evangelists, a Christian hip-hop group out of Portland, Oregon. His prayer is to glorify the Lord in both quality and content.